SEO for Ecommerce Brands

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Not Only Are We Consultants, We Are Ecom Owners Too!

I have been an ecommerce entrepreneur since 2014 who has started, sold, and started again a few ecommerce brands.   I also happen to run a small SEO consultancy that strictly works with ecommerce brands like yours.

We have a proven system and a solid track record that has helped countless ecommerce brands grow their organic traffic from site launch and beyond, to revamping stale websites that haven’t given SEO any love in years


Our SEO Process

We employ a proven SEO process, from comprehensive audits and tailored strategies to technical fixes and strategic backlink acquisition. Our goal is to transform your eCommerce website into a thriving platform that attracts organic traffic and delivers tangible results.

Step One – Discovery 

Before finalizing any agreement, our team conducts a comprehensive SEO audit of your website to identify critical issues and lucrative opportunities. Subsequently, we craft a fully tailored SEO proposal, eliminating any superfluous elements.


It’s essential to recognize that your website’s SEO requirements are distinct from those of even your nearest competitors. In order to deliver exceptional results, we must develop a unique SEO strategy that precisely targets the specific challenges and opportunities inherent to your website.

Step Two – SEO Research 

Great, we’ve embarked on this exciting collaboration. What’s the next step in our SEO project?


Our process begins by conducting an in-depth analysis of various key elements, including your competitors’ websites, your Google Ads account, and your current rankings, and employing various keyword research tools. Our objective is to pinpoint keywords that meet the following criteria:


  1. Demonstrating a substantial search volume.
  2. Exhibiting high potential for conversion.
  3. Being realistically achievable.


It’s imperative to avoid the common pitfalls that lead to the failure of many SEO campaigns, such as focusing on keywords that fail to generate revenue or pursuing ones that are out of reach.


Our approach involves identifying over 200 top-performing keywords specifically tailored to your business. These keywords not only boast substantial search volumes and impressive conversion potential but are also readily attainable. We prioritize those keywords positioned just a few ranks away from significantly boosting your website’s traffic and revenue.

Step Three – Optimization 

Now, the next phase of our SEO project involves the meticulous optimization of your website to fully leverage the high-value keywords we’ve identified.


Our on-page optimization strategy goes beyond conventional techniques such as title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags. We employ cutting-edge methods to enhance your web pages for optimal performance.

Step Four – Technical Analysis 

Securing the coveted top position in search rankings is already a formidable challenge for websites that are SEO-friendly. However, for sites grappling with crawling and indexing issues, achieving this ranking is almost an insurmountable task.


Regrettably, many eCommerce store owners and marketers remain unaware of the technical impediments silently hindering their website’s rankings and traffic.


Consider these critical questions:


  • Are all your product pages effectively indexed by search engines?
  • Is your website’s structure fully optimized to facilitate the efficient crawling of search engines?
  • Do the filtering and sorting functions on your category pages result in duplicate URLs?
  • Is your website experiencing slow loading times?


Having conducted audits on hundreds of eCommerce websites, we’ve yet to encounter a single one that doesn’t grapple with some form of technical issue. During this phase of our project, our primary focus will be on ensuring that your website is not only 100% SEO-friendly but also completely free of any lingering technical challenges.

Step Five – Link Building

Extensive correlation studies have unequivocally established that the quantity and caliber of backlinks pointing to your website rank among the paramount factors for attaining top positions on Google’s search results.


It’s worth noting that an increase in backlinks doesn’t invariably translate into improved rankings and enhanced revenue. What truly matters is securing the precise type of backlinks that can genuinely influence your SEO outcomes.


Before initiating contact with any potential backlink source, we adhere to a rigorous screening process to ensure that the website in question meets stringent criteria. Our methodology entails confirming that the site is not only relevant to your niche but is also authoritative in its domain, while also ensuring it remains free of any Google-imposed penalties or sanctions. This strategic approach maximizes the impact of the backlinks we acquire for your website.

Step Six – Content Marketing

In our SEO project strategy, content marketing is a cornerstone of our backlink acquisition approach. Our team specializes in crafting extensive content assets, strategically designed for promotion to pertinent bloggers and online platforms.


While having exceptional content is crucial, it’s equally vital that it garners the visibility it deserves to secure valuable backlinks. To ensure the effectiveness of our content initiatives, we employ a rigorous content promotion process.


Our process begins with the selection of highly linkable topics and extends to reaching out to an array of relevant prospects, including:


  • Blogs with a strong relevance to your niche.
  • Websites that have previously linked to similar content.
  • Industry roundups and featured compilations.
  • “Recommended links” pages that enhance content discoverability.
  • “Best of” pages, where top-quality content is often showcased.


This approach ensures that our content assets not only stand out for their quality but also receive the attention they need to generate high-quality backlinks, ultimately bolstering your SEO performance.